The Beatles - Italian 45rpm singles: The cover sheets




Image reproduction of the covers of all the discs 45 rpm singles published by The Beatles in Italy during the activity years of the Liverpool group. The distributor for Italy was Carisch, the 45rpm singles have been published the Italian branch of Parlophone. See also the list of all discs with catalog number and date of publication.

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Cover Sheets


A. Please Please Me
B. Ask Me Why

A. She Loves You
B. I'll Get You

A. P.S I Love You
B. I Want To Hold Your Hand

A. Twist And Shout
B. Misery

Love Me Do

A. Please, Please Me
B. From Me To You

A. From Me To You
B. Devil In Her Heart

A. You Can't Do That
B. Can't Buy Me Love

A. A Hard Day's Night
B. Things We Said Today

A. Thank You Girl
B. All My Loving

A. And I Love Her
B. If I Feel

A. I Should Have Known Better
B. Tell Me Why

A. No Reply
B. Baby's In Black

A. No Reply
B. Baby's In Black

A. Rock And Roll Music
B. I Follow The Sun

A. I Feel Fine
B. Kansas City

A: Thank You Girl
B. Do You Want To Know A Secret

A. Twist And Shout
B. There's A Place

A. Eight Days A Week
B. I'm A Loser

A. Ticket To Ride
B. Yes It Is

A. Long Tall Sally
B. She's A Woman

A. Help!
B. I'm Down

A. I Need You
B. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

A. Paperback Writer
B. Rain

A. We Can Work It Out
B. Day Tripper

A. Yellow Submarine
B. Eleanor Rigby



A. Penny Lane
B. Strawberry Fields Forever

A. Penny Lane
B. Strawberry Fields Forever

A. All You Need Is Love
B. Baby You're A Rich Man

A. Penny Lane
B. Strawberry Fields Forever (Back cover)

A. Hello Goodbye
B. I Am The Walrus

A. Lady Madonna
B. The Inner Light

A. Hey Jude
B. Revolution

A. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
B. Back In THe USSR

A. Get Back
B. Don't Let Me Down

A. Balld Of John And Yoko
B. Old Brown Shoe

A. Come Together (2)
B. Something

A. Let It Be
B. You Known My Name

A. The Long And Winding Road
B. For You Blue
(1970, last 45rpm single published)

A. All Together Now
B. Hey Bulldog
(1972, published after The Beatles disbanded)



The Beatles in Italy


List of all the 45rpm Singles published in Italy by Parlophon and distributed by Carisch. The label Parlophon was the Italian branch of the German label Parlophon, in UK Parlophone. On the back cover of many singles of The Beatles published in Italy was present the complete listing of the singles published up to then. An example can be seen in the last reproduction of the back cover of Yellow Submarine).


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QMSP 16346


Please Please Me/Ask Me Why

QMSP 16347


She Loves You/I'll Get You

QMSP 16351


P.S. I Love You/I Want To Hold Your Hand

QMSP 16352


Twist and Shout/Misery

QMSP 16355


From Me to You/Devil in Her Heart

QMSP 16361


Can't Buy Me Love/You Can't Do That

QMSP 16363


A Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today

QMSP 16364


Thank You Girl/All My Loving

QMSP 16365


And I Love Her/If I Fell

QMSP 16367


I Should Have Known Better/Tell Me Why

QMSP 16370


No Reply/Baby's in Black

QMSP 16371


Rock and Roll Music/I'll Follow the Sun

QMSP 16372


I Feel Fine/Kansas City

QMSP 16377


Eight Days a Week/I'm a Loser

QMSP 16378


Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is

QMSP 16381


Long Tall Sally/She's a Woman

QMSP 16383


Help/I'm Down

QMSP 16384


Yesterday/The Night Before

QMSP 16385


I Need You/Dizzy Miss Lizzy

QMSP 16388


We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper

QMSP 16389


Run for Your Life/Michelle

QMSP 16394


Paperback Writer/Rain

QMSP 16397


Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby

QMSP 16398


Girl/Nowhere Man

QMSP 16404


Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever

QMSP 16408


All You Need Is Love/Baby You're A Rich Man

QMSP 16415


Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus

QMSP 16423


Lady Madonna/The Inner Light

QMSP 16433


Hey Jude/Revolution

Starting from Ob-la-di Ob-la-do the last seven 45rpm singles have been published directly by the Italian branch of EMI as the Italian distributor of Apple label.



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