Blues Brothers 2000 - John Landis (1998)




Director John Landis after some weak successes and his accomplice Dan Aykroyd (coauthor also in the previous movie) decided to give a following, 20 years after, to their first memorable chapter of Blues Brothers saga, despite the premature death of the main engine of the film, obviously, John Belushi. A double risk, then. Watching this film, actually, it seems that their first intent was the willing to live again the fun and to recreate the magic atmosphere of 1980, even if they were conscious that it would have been a very difficult task. As when a group of friends repeat together good old jokes, to laugh again all together.
Then they are cited more or less all the famous moments of the 1980 episode, starting by the Aretha Franklin's performance. Unfortunately the queen of soul, singing Respect, is now much less magic, in the role of a rich and course black lady.
Then he comes again James Brown, in the role of soul reverend Cleophus Brown, and his believers. It is repeated also the accidental intrusion in the Country & Western world, now in a fair, with the four (plus one) Blues Brothers committed to play a classical Country song, Ghost Riders In The Sky, and actually the ghost riders come back during a storm.

Yes, because to replace John Belushi it was necessary to put in the team three actors, the nice guy John Goodman (Mighty Mack Blues), the dancer Joe Morton (Cab Blues) and the little Buster Blues, the kid J. Evan Bonifant. Finally also the great conclusive performance is repeated. Instead of Everybody Needs Somebody we have now another blues classic, Turn on Your Love Light of Bobby "Blue" Bland, doubled with another strong interpretation of New Orleans together with the hypothetic rivals, the Lousiana Gator Boys, the all star and all time blues band with Clapton, Winwood, Koko Taylor, B.B. King, Dr. John, in a word, more or less all the bluesmen (and blueswomen) of the world.

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The performers


The joy to play and show the blues involved more or less of the world of the blues, so the most noticeable thing of this sequel is the large number of appearances, while the performances, even if correct and straight, are far from the driving force of the first episode.
To justify the participation of such a great number of musicians at the end of the movie there is a blues contest, judged by the priestless Eryka Badu (the premium is to remain in live and not to be transformed in zombies, more or less). The rivals of the Bluies Brothers Band are the Lousiana Gator Boys in which you can listen main people from all the blues era, starting with BB.King and Bo Diddley, and continuing with Stevie Winwood, and evene the jazzmen Jack DeJohnette (the drummer of Keith Jarrett) and Joshua Redman are present. Apparently all the names you can associated with the word "blues" are present, maybe the only one absent is the Englishman John Mayall (perhaps he was not available).
You can check the complete listing above.


Actor / Performer


Dan Aykroyd

Elwood Blues

John Goodman

Mack McTeer / Mighty Mack Blues

Joe Morton

Commander Cabel Chamberlain / Cab Blues

Nia Peeples

Lieutenant  Elizondo

Kathleen Freeman

Sister Mary Stigmata (from the first film)

J. Evan Bonifant

Buster Blues

Frank Oz


Steve Lawrence

Maury Sline

Darrell Hammond


Erykah Badu

Queen Mousette

Walter Levine


Tom Davis

Prison clerk

Shann Johnson


B.B. King

Malvern Gasperon

Gloria Slade


Jennifer Irwin


Junior Wells

As himself

Lonnie Brooks

As himself

Leon Pendarvis

Member of the Stripter Band

Steve Potts

Member of the Stripter Band

Birch Johnson

Member of the Stripter Band (Birch 'Crimson Slick' Johnson)

Demo Cates

Member of the Stripter Band

Willie Hall

Willie "Too Big" Hall

Michael Bondar

Russian killer

Slavko Hochevar

Russian killer

Igor Syyouk


Victor Pedtrchenko


Wally High

Russian killer

Richard Kruk

Russian killer

John Lyons

Russian killer

Matt Murphy

Matt "Guitar" Murphy (Blues Brothers Band)

Lou Marini

'Blue" Lou Marini (Blues Brothers Band)

Aretha Franklin

Mrs. Murphy

Esther Ridgeway

Amica di Mrs. Murphy

Gloria Ridgeway

Amica di Mrs. Murphy

Gracie Ridgeway

Amica di Mrs. Murphy

Donald Dunn

Donald "Duck" Dunn (Blues Brothers Band)

Steve Cropper

Steve "The Colonel" Cropper (Blues Brothers Band)

Tom Malone

Tom "Bones" Malone (Blues Brothers Band)

George Sperdakos


Alan Rubin

Mr. Fabulous

Jonny Lang


Murphy Dunne


Eddie Floyd


Wilson Pickett

Mr. Pickett

Jillian Hart


John Popper

As himself (Blues Traveler)/Buster's Harmonica

Bobby Sheehan

As himself (Blues Traveler)

Brandon Hill

As himself (Blues Traveler)

Chan Kinchla

As himself (Blues Traveler)

Liz Gordon


Susan Davy


Soo Garay


Jeff Morris


Howard Hoover


Chris Marshall


Nicholas Rice

County Fair presenter

Max Landis


Sandi Ross

Woman in the church

Danny Ray


Sharon Riley

Choir girl

Prakash John

Tent Revival Band

Fred Keeler

Tent Revival Band

Shiraz Tayyeb

Tent Revival Band

John T. Davis

Tent Revival Band

Sam Moore

Reverend Morris

James Brown

Reverend Cleophus James

Candide Franklin

Ton Tons Macoute

Paul Shaffer

Marco / As himself

Patrick Patterson


Jeff Baxter

Louisiana Gator Boys

Gary U.S. Bonds

Louisiana Gator Boys

Eric Clapton

Louisiana Gator Boys

Clarence Clemons

Louisiana Gator Boys

Jack DeJohnette

Louisiana Gator Boys

Bo Diddley

Louisiana Gator Boys

John Faddis

Louisiana Gator Boys

Isaac Hayes

Louisiana Gator Boys

Dr. John

Louisiana Gator Boys

Tommy McDonnell

Louisiana Gator Boys

Charlie Musselwhite

Louisiana Gator Boys

Billy Preston

Louisiana Gator Boys

Lou Rawls

Louisiana Gator Boys

Joshua Redman

Louisiana Gator Boys

KoKo Taylor

Louisiana Gator Boys

Travis Tritt

Louisiana Gator Boys

Jimmie Vaughan

Louisiana Gator Boys

Grover Washington Jr.

Louisiana Gator Boys

Wylie Weeks

Louisiana Gator Boys

Stevie Winwood

Louisiana Gator Boys



The soundtrack listing is a selection of blues, r&b e soul tunes, of course.



Born in Chicago

 Paul Butterfield Band

The Blues Don't Bother Me

 Matt "Guitar” Muphy

Harmonica Musings

 John Popper

Cheaper to Keep Her

 Dan Aykroyd

Perry Mason Theme

 Blues Brothers Band

Looking for a Fox

 John Goodman

Can't Turn You Loose

 Blues Brothers Band


Aretha Franklin


 Eddie Floyd

Maybe I'm Wrong

Blues Travelers

Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend)

 Dan Aykroyd

John the Revelator

 Sam Moore

Let There Be Drums

 Carl LaFong Trio

Season of the Witch

 Dr. John

Funky Nassau

 Joe Morton

How Blue Can You Get?

 Louisiana Gator Boys

Turn on Your Love Light

 Joe Morton

New Orleans

 Louisiana Gator Boys

Images from the film


Elwood comes out from the prison

and waits vainly for a long day Jakie Blues

New Blues Brothers' debut ...

in a strip tease club, with John Goodman singing

Wilson Pickett

and Eddie Floyd

Their new business

an erotic call center

Aretha Franklin

with Murph newly starting with the band

The "Bluegrass Brothers" on stage again

... the weather is stormy

their song is Ghost Riders in the Sky

and here they are the ghost riders

Blues Brothers dressed as ...

the ZZ-Tops

John Goodman on the front line

and Buster Blues too

The storm finally arrives

and the police is hoaxed again

Reverend Morris

sings "John The Revelator"

Together with Reverend Cleophus Brown

alias James Brown, the king of soul

Erykah Badou, priestess of the blues

and the Louisiana Gator Boys

B.B. King and his guitar Lucille

B.B. King with his disciple Eric Clapton

Koko Taylor

and her disciple Erykah Badou


has a real fun

"Slowhand" on the guitar, and on the background

... the great Stevie Winwood on keyboards

Bo Diddley

sings "How Blue Can You Get?"


and Billy Preston

Dr. John

and Isaac Hayes

The wonderful brass section of the Lousiana

Clarence Clemons ...

... and Joshua Redman

at the drums the n.1: Jack De Johnette

Priestess Badou has some doubts

... but finally makes Blues Brothers ...

... that were turned in zombies ...

... to live again, and restart ...

... with another warm blues

"Turn On Your Love Light"

"A Little bit higher, just a little bit higher"

for the joy of the people of the blues


Turn On Your Love Light (Bobby "Blue" Bland, 1957)


Without a warning you broke my heart,
you took it darlin' and you tore it apart
You left me sitting in the dark, crying,
you said your love for me was dying

I'm begging you, baby, I'm begging you, please,
come on baby, come on please
I'm begging you baby, baby, please,
come on baby, baby, please

Turn on the light, let it shine on me,
turn on your love light, let it shine on me
Let it shine, shine, shine, let it shine
I got a little lonely in the middle of the night,
I need you darlin' to make things all right
A Little bit higher, just a little bit higher


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