Romance & Cigarettes - John Turturro (2005)



Actor John Turturro, of Italian origin and a fan of opera, he made this film in 2005 (produced by Ruby Cohen of the Cohen brothers) an interesting attempt to update the genre, in which the characters seem to use the songs to express feelings for which the words alone are not sufficient. The songs are taken from life and from our time, for this aspect the movie is closer to the experiment of Alain Resnais, 1986, the charming MelÚ, and also to the classic movie Cialis usa ohne rezept by Jacques Demy.

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The plot

The story starts from one of the most typical situations of melodrama, but also in the cinema: the love triangle and betrayal; the difference is that the protagonist are an American blue collar, his housewife, of course both Italian American, and the other she is a clerk, but in a porn-shop. Moreover, the daughters of the couple have put together a punk-rock band like the Sletaer-Kinney, the boyfriend of the favorite daughter is an aspiring revival, between Travolta and Elvis, his cousin is an original character who lives in the memory of the faithless wife, and so on. The film proceeds with a intriguing realization, with the support of a first-rate cast out with an excellent Susan Sarandon, with situations that alternate between the comic and the thoughtful and dazzling musical numbers organized as a "scene" or maybe as video clips, including the and compelling interpretation of Delilah and of Pieces Of My Heart in the church.

Susan Sarandon Kate Winslet

Very pronounced and almost caricature the interpretation of Kate Winslet, very overweight, difficult to assess, and large space to the Italian-American actor James Gandolfini (from the famous U.S. TV series The Sopranos) definitely in party (the" physique du rol" is unquestionable) that has the opportunity to express all the colors of melodrama, from farce to tragedy. The rising young star Mandy Moore has a role a little bit one-dimensional, a daughter who has few other distinguishing features in addition to being actually a daughter.

A really interesting film (but not recommended for smokers) often surprising, a little bit uneven, full of surprises for spectators that are also ready to new discoveries, and above all that are music lovers.

Charecters and Actors

A rich casting for the first film of John Turturro.




James Gandolfini

Nick Murder

He, the Italian-American carpenter Nick

Susan Sarandon

Kitty Kane Murder

She, housewife and mother

Kate Winslet


The other one, clerk in a successful porn-shop

Steve Buscemi


Friend of Nick

Mandy Moore

Baby Murder

The beloved daughetr. Bass player in the punk rock band

Mary-Louise Parker

Constance Murder

The other daughter, the rocker, first guitar

Aida Turturro

Rosebud "Rara" Murder

The third daughter, the flat one. She's the drummer

Bobby Cannavale


Baby's boyfriend

Amy Sedaris


A friend of the daughters

Christopher Walken


Kitty's cousin

Eddie Izzard

Gene Vincent

Organ player in the church

Barbara Sukowa


Rainer Werner Fassbinder' actress as a friend of Kitty

Elaine Stritch

Nick's mother

P.J. Brown

Police officer


Kate Winslet - Tula as "El quarto de Tula"

Sarandon and Cristopher Walken mentioning The parapluies de Cherbourg

Kate Winslet singing underwater

Nick and Tula

The meeting between Kitty and Tula

Kitty - Susan Sarandon

The goodbye between Nick and Tula


A soundtrack in which the songs are chosen mostly because they are consistent with the particular moment of the movie or the character who sings them; as Delilah used as a comment for the betrayal of teh wife of Bo, or Red Headed Woman by Bruce Springsteen dedicated to Tula. Specific of the film they are a romantic Italian song by Anna Identici (Quando m'innamoro performed both in Italian and in English) and the apotheosis during the soul classic Piece Of My Heart.

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