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Diana Krall has started a new direction in jazz, on the border between this genre and popular music. A talented pianist with an expressive voice and an handsome appearance, she started a new way for the interpretation of covers, a typical practice in jazz music, the basic approach for every jazz musician. An approach not only targeted to the musical contents, the virtuosic ability or the exploration of the musical tune, but also, or perhaps at the first place, the appreciation of the listener. Quality and pleasure was the formula elaborated with the producer Tommy Li Puma, and the starting point for many followers, mainly women (Holly Cole, Stacey Kent, Christy Baron and many others) and sometimes men. Moreover, the Canadian pianist and singer did not remained static with this formula, but she started to explore other directions and variations since the mid-2000.

In the followings it is presented a selection of album covers sleeves of the original albums of Diana Krall. All the images are originals for this website and they are taken from the original CD or DVD-Audio.

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All the Albums of Diana Krall 1994-2012


Only Trust Your Heart - 1994

All Of You - A Dedication To The Nat King Cole Trio - 1966

Love Scenes (CD) - 1997

Love Scenes (DVD-Audio)

When I Look In Your Eyes  - 1999  (DVD-Audio 2003)

The Look Of Love - 2001

Live in Paris 2002 (DVD)

The Girl In The Other Room - 2004

From This Moment On - 2006

Quiet Nights - 2009

Glad Rag Doll - 2012

The original "glad rag doll" picture that inspired
Diana Krall's glamour photos (in the inner photos)



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