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Joan Armatrading is a singer and musician Anglo-Caribbean and an excellent specialist of acoustic guitar, as well as a good pianist. Early career and extensive fame in the '70s with her songs folk style, its most remembered hits being Down To Zero, Show Some Emotion, Dry Land, Drop The Pilot. The poet Pam Nestor, coming also from her country, has worked with the lyrics of her first two albums. From the second album she has begun , however, to write her own songs. In the '80s, his music has been a move towards "new wave" sounds and more elaborate productions, with the assistance of the best sideman at the time (Tony Levin, Clarence Clemons and others), reaching its most successful album (in the UK) "Me, Myself and I", always keeping his poetic inspiration, which autobiographical traits and always focused on emotions and on the ups and downs of love relationships. The musical influences come from the world of reggae and folk, rhythm & blues, jazz, and the musical production was very varied from the point of view of the sound.
In recent years he has slowed her production and has been committed to social causes, especially oriented to the problem of racism, actively supporting the founding of Nelson Mandela.


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Essential Discography


Whatever's for Us, Cube (1973)

Back to the Night, A & M (1975)

Joan Armatrading, A & M (1976)

Show Some Emotion, A & M (1977)

To the Limit, A & M (1978)

How Cruel, A & M (1979)

Me, Myself, I, A & M (1980)

Walk Under Ladders, A & M (1981)

The Key, A & M (1983)

Secret Secrets, A & M (1985)

Sleight Of Hand, A & M (1986)

The Shouting Stage, A & M (1988)

Hearts and Flowers, A & M (1990)

Square The Circle, A & M (1992)

What's Inside, RCA (1995)

Lovers Speak, Denon (2003)

Into The Blues, Hypertension (2007)

This Charming Life, Hypertension (2010)


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