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Rickie Lee Jones, Pirates, The Magazine, Traffic From Paradise, Ghostyhead


Rickie Lee Jones, american singer and songwriter, has followed during her career only her musical ideas, rather than the ways to the commercial success. Starting from her first album, containg the successful single Chuck E's in Love, she continued to mix rock, folk and jazz to her particular voice and way to sing, creating an original style, that inspired probably other musicians, like Tori Amos, or Emiliana Torrini, or Joanna Newsom.


Discography in summary

1979 Rickie Lee Jones
1981 Pirates
1983 The King of Comedy
1983 Girl at Her Volcano (jazz standards, EP)
1984 The Magazine
1989 Flying Cowboys (with Blue Nile)
1991 Pop Pop
1993 Traffic From Paradise
1995 Naked Songs (unplugged anthology)
1997 Ghostyhead
2000 It's Like This
2001 Red Rocks (live)


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