The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)




The album more linear and consistent in the inspiration of the most influential musicians of the second half of the last century (and beyond). Not the most famous and celebrated, but at this late stage of their artistic career, the rivalry between Paul and John (and Yoko) had given wings to Macca and bring it to levels of creativity never reached, and George with his research spiritual helped to increase the creative capacity of the group.

The famous album cover is the origin of one of the most famous and popular urban legends of rock history. In the picture of Iain McMillan, in fact, the four are wearing clothes that look like a code. Paul is dressed in an elegant way, but barefoot, John is dressed all in white,  Ringo all in black, and George in blue jeans, like a warden. In the UK, the dead are buried barefoot, and then the meaning seems clear: Paul is dead while recording this latest album of the real Beatles, John personifies the priest, Ringo the undertaker, George the gravedigger. And the proof is provided by the Volkswagen license plate: IF28 = if Paul were alive he would 28 years old. And Paul henceforth will be replaced by a lookalike. Fortunately, the impersonator will be even more brilliant, because he will compose Let It Be, Hey Jude and many other masterpieces!

(Full size images taken from the original LP)

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