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1. RINGO AND AUNTIE JESSIE are always quarrelling about one thing or another. But they booth agree it would be exciting to go on a Mystery Tour. "Your Uncle Jack always liked a Charabanc Trip" says Auntie Jessie. "And this is a MAGIC trip" adds Ringo
2. A few days later, VERY early in the morning, they set off to start the tour. Auntie Jessie looks at the B-I-G bus and smiles : "It's all yellow and blue ! My favourite colours !" When everyone is ready JOLLY JIMMY JOHNSON (THE COURIER) climbs aboard.
3. "Good Morning Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys And Girls ! WELCOME TO MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR! I am your Courier. All my friends call me Jolly Jimmy and YOU are ALL My friends! Everyone comfy? SPLENDID!"
4. Then Jolly Jimmy introduces the Tour Hostess, THE DELIGHTFUL WENDY WINTERS. "And over HERE .. ." he goes on "is our driver for the trip, a wonderful driver (WE HOPE!) whose name is ALF. Away- way-way we go, Alf! SPLENDID!"
5. Needless to say Auntie Jessie finds something to argue about. "You ain't coming with me anymore" she tells Ringo. "Who bought the tickets? I DID, DIDN'T I !" replies Ringo. "Yes, YOU bought the tickets" agrees Auntie Jessie "BUT I GAVE YOU THE MONEY!"
6. At the front of the bus sits a Sad Little Man in a funny old uniform. "Who IS that man?" whispers Wendy Winters. "That's Mr. Buster Bloodvessel" answers Jolly Jimmy "He's quite harmless. He thinks HE'S THE COURIER ! Last trip he thought he was THE DRIVER!"

7. The other passengers are enjoying The bright sunshine, the green countryside. "Excuse me" says LITTLE GEORGE to PAUL "I'd like to take a photograph of your young lady." "O.K." says Paul. "All right" says MAGGIE, THE LOVELY STARLET.
8. "This IS my lucky day!" chuckles Líttle George who loves to take LOTS of pictures. Click! Clackí CLICK! Meanwhile PAUL BEGINS TO DAY- DREAM. His thoughts fly FAR AWAY. He is standing high up on a warm, grassy hill …
9. SUDDENLY Paul's daydreaming is over. He hears the delightful voice of the Hostess: "I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU, YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND!" "But I wonder where the MAGIC comes in?" thinks Paul.
10. Little does he know that THE MAGIC IS ALREADY BEGINNING TO WORK! Somewhere up in the sky, beyond beyond the Little white clouds, FIVE MAGICIANS study their mysterious maps and gaze into their magic telescope. They are CASTING WONDERFUL SPELLS.
11. At last one of the MAGICIANS looks up from his work: "THE BUS IS TEN MILES NORTH ON THE DEWSBURY ROAD AND THEY'RE HAVING A LOVELY TIME!" he cries. The others dance with glee: "THEY'RE HAVING A LOVELY TIME!!!"
12. Even as they dance THE MAGIC TAKES EFFECT and the bus is SPIRITED AWAY TO THE AMAZING MUSICAL LAND CIF THE WALRUS! "I AM THE WALRUS" says John. "NO, YOU'RE NOT" cries Nicola, laughing at his funny feathery hat.

13. NICOLA is the VERY YOUNG- EST LITTLE GIRL on the bus. "I'VE GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU!" says John. And he gives her a BIG RED BALLOON. She hasn't quite enough PUFF to blow it up for herself so JOHN and GEORGE help her.
14. In no time at all everybody is ready for lunch .and the bus draws up beside a small cafe. Jolly Jimmy leads the way and all the people follow eagerly because they're HUNGRY! "WHAT A MARVELLOUS LUNCH !" says everyone. AND IT IS!
15. There is Chicken Soup followed by Roast Beef and Carrots with Thick Brown Gravy to go over the Potatoes! A small band plays Jolly Tunes in the corner of the room. Nobody is enjoying himself more than HAPPY NAT.
16. "If I eat any more" says HAPPY NAT "I SHALL FALL ASLEEP!" "Then you'll MISS ALL THE MAGIC!" warns Little Nicola. While the waiters scurry away to get the pudding, the band plays a very exciting Spanish Dance.
17. "I'm no Spanish Dancer but I certainly know my onions!" laughs HAPPY NAT. Up he gets from the table and becomes a FAMOUS SPANISH BULLFIGHTER. After all that eating and all that dancing no wonder Happy Nat nods off ! 18. So while the others tuck into Strawberry Ice Cream or Aunt Mary's Apple Pie, HAPPY NAT has a HAPPY DREAM . . . all about his adventures with a bunch of pretty girls beside the seaside!

19. The sound of AUNTIE JESSIE PLAYING THE DRUMS brings Happy Nat's delicious dream to an abrupt end ! Yes, there she is SITTING WITH THE BAND banging away and singing at the top of her voice!!
20. "I suppose it runs in the family" suggests Happy Nat. "I never know she had it in her" replies Ringo. Soon the bus is on its way again and everyone congratulates Auntie Jessie because THEY didn't know she had it in her!
21. Presently Driver AIf brings his bus to a halt outside a STRANGE BUILD- ING. "What a funny place!" remarks John. "I don't like the look of it" adds George. "WE'RE JUST PASSING THROUGH" says Wendy Winters reassuringly.
22. Before long Jolly Jiminy has led everybody into an Official sort of Office. Behind an old desk sits MAJOR McCARTNEY looking Very Import- ant. Beside him stands SGT. SPINETTI looking over his shoulder.
23. "Just follow me" whispers Jolly Jimmy "and if they try to get you to join up DON'T TAKE ANY NOTICE!" Now that is easier said than done ! Eventually they leave the Sergeant screaming about haircuts and Other Military Things.
24. "Now!" says Wendy Winters "We'll split into two groups. All the Ladies -THIS WAY PLEASE!" "And ALL THE MEN should come with me" chortles Jolly Jimmy, a special twinkle in his eye "I've got a NICE SURPRISE FOR YOU!"

25. "Hello!" says George "We're going into a striptease club." AND THEY ARE TOO! "Whoops Johnny! Hey! Tee hee hee! cries John. "Front row seats for all you lucky lads !" shouts Jolly Jimmy ordering up the drinks.
26. "Cheer Up Mr. Blood vessel" says John giving hím a friendly nudge "Sup up your mille and enjoy the show!" Before the show is over Mr. Blood vessel HAS FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT HIS MILK!
27. When they are back on the bus all the Men look VERY PLEASED WITH THEMSELVES. So do the Ladies but THEY don't say where THEY'VE ben! After a while Jolly Jimmy jumps up again: "NOW FOR THE MAGI- CAL MYSTERY TOUR MARATHON RACE!"
28. WELL! Have you EVER seen so many people IN ALL YOUR LIFE? Everyone lines up for the start—The Rugby Team, The Little Wrestlers, The Five Cheating Vicars and ALL the people from the bus. BANG! THEY'RE OFF!
29. It looks as though Five Vicars might win because they are cheating by RIDING BICYCLES. So some of the others use MOTOR BIKES and CARS which are MUCH BETTER ways of CHEATING!
30. GOOD OLD RINGO! HE finds the BEST WAY of cheating — BY DRIVING THE MAGICAL BUS! So the Mystery Tour Team wins the BIG RACE in the end WHICH SERVES ALL THE OTHERS RIGHT!!!


31. NO WONDER people are a bit sleepy after all that racing around! Poor Auntie Jessie nods off and has a dream ABOUT MOUNTAINS OF SPAGHETTI! "Wake up Ringo! Wake up Auntie Jessie!" It is LITTLE GEORGE speaking.
32. "NO MORE SPAGHETTI!" moans Auntie Jessie. "Come on!" insists Little George. The rest of the party has already disappeared into a SMALL TENT standing in the middle of a meadow.
33. "If we A LL manage to squeeze into THAT TINY TENT it will be MAGIC!" declares Ringo. I won't tell you the MARVELLOUS and AMAZING things which happen in the tent BUT I WILL TELL YOU IT IS MAGIC!
34. By now the sun is setting behind the hilis and in time to head for home. SHIRLEY THE ACCORDIONIST plays Happy Tunes while everybody sings the words. Even MR. BLOOD- VESSEL! All the Magic has made him forget.
36. Auntie Jessie and all the other people have NEVER enjoyed a Mystery Tour so much in their lives ! Thanks to Jolly Jimmy, Wendy Winters AND THE FIVE MYSTERIOUS MAGI- CIANS. And, of course, THANKS TO JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE AND RINGO!!! WHOOPEE!

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